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by tekchip on 19/SEP/09 | Back to tekchip's Media

“Am I the only one that wishes Blizzard would resurrect this title? High def, next gen puzzle game along the lines of Maw. Blizzards ticket to the world of consoles right here.”

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The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings (SNES)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Adventure Puzzle
Release Date:
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LOL. Good times, that game. :P
Silicon & Synapse!
I loved this game.
Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but didn't they remake this on the PSP?
Game Boy Advance I think...
@TheArtofBalance Yeah, was pretty sure the game was developed by blizzard...I checked out The Lost Vikings 2 and it does in fact say blizzard on it. Was Blizzard originally called Silicon & Synapse and changed names or did Blizzard purchase the property?
@tekchip Blizzard used to be Silicon & Synapse, then changed names.
@tekchip Im pretty sure Silicon & Synapse changed their name to blizzard.
That game was pretty fun.
There's really no reason not to ressurect a title anymore.
@tekchip You are definitely not alone. Besides the two TLV games, the Vikings do make cameo appearances in other Blizzard games. For instance you'll meet in Eric, Baelog, and Olaf in WoW. We still need another, proper TLV game.
It's got Vikings! How can you go wrong with vikin....oh wait....Too Human......THAT's how you could go wrong with Vikings.
I'd settle for something as simple as some updated graphics and music with game play intact. But I'm sure if Blizzard put their minds to it they could bang out in short order an amazing full re-imagining of the game in 3D. Think Metroid Prime meets castle crashers with the same online co-op as the later. Challenge modes that focus on each individual characters traits. Think sonic style for Eric, some sort of king of the hill/ladder arena system with Baelog and may be either an eating contest(all you quaf) or some sort of defense based game with Olaf. I think it'd make for some amazing DLC and a damn good time.
hmm, kind of like the HD treatment they're giving Serious Sam and the TMNT titles. or should I say title.
@wastelander75: I don't like how they gone for realism in Serious Sam HD :(
But I'd love to see HD remake of the Vikings (look at Trine! or Bionic Commando Rearmed)
@13xforever oh nice call.
I miss that game.
oh and judging by the Gr8T I see on the screen I'm suing Blizzard for emotional and mental distress for inventing L33tsp3@k
Olaf was my favorite character ever! 'Cept we called him Loaf. Don't ask me why.
@BofusTeefus Wholly appropriate! He appears to have had more than a few loafs in his time.
@wastelander75 My level unlocks when you type in H@YS3XY
@tekchip I think it had something to do with that. Also, we never "said" the word "Loaf." We screamed it in mighty Viking voices.
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