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by tekchip on 29/AUG/09 | Back to tekchip's Media

“Kill assist in section 8. Nades nutralize shields fairly quickly. I popped his shield and my team mate gunned him down.”

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Section 8

Section 8 (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 04/SEP/09
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I apologize for the quality. It's a screen shot of a video I took of that play session. Compression + compression isn't nice to the pixels.
i love this game
What's good in this game that is different of the mass? Im interrested in a shooter but Idk what I'd like to buy... Good online? offline?
just look for videos and you'll see the difference
Well I watched videos but except that this is a FPS that looks good as many others I can't really see the smalls things that can be only perceived when playing, thus my question.
if you have xfire u can see me play while i make a live broadcast then you can tell me what u wanna see
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